Alcona Animal Clinic




Due to COVID-19 and safety for all, as well as Michigan order we are temporarily maintaining social distance protocol.  As such, we will continue curbside service.  Please when you arrive remain in your car and one of our staff will come to assist you. These guidelines are for you safety as well as our staff.  Thank you. 

Q.  Do I need an appointment?

A.  We have some walk in hours and limited appointments.

Q.  What forms of payments do you accept?

A.  We accept cash, check, master card, visa and Care Credit.

Q.  Can I make payments, or do you have payment plans?

A.  Payment is expected at the time of service,  you also may set up a pre payment plan.

Q.  At what age should my kitten, or puppy start vaccinations?

A.   Most healthy pets should start their vaccinations between 6 and 8 weeks.

Q.  At what age should my dog, or cat, be spayed, or neutered?

A. For most pets, we recommend spaying and neutering at 5-6 months of age.

Q. What are the benefits of spaying/neutering?

A. While surgery and anesthetic is always a risk, the health benefits are many.  For females you reduce the risk of breast cancer by nearly 400% and eliminate the risk of uterine infection.  Also for males, testicular cancer is reduced, and for many it reduces the urge to run, and mark territory.  It may also reduce aggressive tendencies.

Q.  Will my pet stay overnight after surgery?

A. Most dogs go home the same day, cats will stay overnight.  Your pet is monitored through the day and you may call later to arrange for a pick up time.

Q.  Will my pet get fat after being spayed or neutered?

A. It is important to monitor your pets diet, regardless of surgery.  Pets that have been spayed/neutered need  30% less calories than those unneutered animals.  Exercise and diet play an important role in weight control, as well as breed disposition.

Q. Do  you offer boarding and grooming services?

A.   At this time, we do not offer these services, but if you contact us, we will be happy to assist  you in finding the right service for your pet.


Q. What online services do you have?


A. Currently, we can do emial reminders for your pets needs, and you can email  in requests for refills  on routine medications.